Get excited to learn from the best in the game!

Fury, Zeitgeist and Slackjaw are participating in USA Ultimate’s STAR Program and are offering a free clinic for college women’s players (sorry, no youth or club players this time) during Norcal Women’s Sectionals. Come watch the three teams battle it out for Regionals seeding and then learn from the pros. The clinic will feature three 25-min sessions. You get to choose which three stations you will attend out of the six being offered (station details below). After the clinic there will be a free BBQ!

Furthermore, the coaches of the three women’s teams will be around for an informal idea exchange. Whether you are a coach looking for some new drills or you are a captain nervous about running a team without a coach, Matty Tsang (Fury), Ethan Schlenker (Zeitgeist), and Joy Chen (Slackjaw) are happy to talk to you!

For more information and to register follow this link:

Registration ends Friday, Sept 16 at noon! Register early to ensure your spot!



Smooth Like Butter: All About Throwing

Good receivers can “save” a thrower’s errant throw, but good throwers can place the disc to increase the chance that the receiver can catch it. In this clinic, you’ll learn how to deliver throws “on a platter” to your teammates with a mark.


Susan Batchelder (Zeitgeist)
Abby Christopher (Fury)
Lily “Thud” Lin (Slackjaw)
Gabrielle Reedy (Slackjaw)

Box Out: Winning Defensive Matchups

Players will learn and practice specific techniques for becoming a dominant one-on-one defender and shutting down their girl!


Maggie Ruden (Zeitgeist)

Alicia Dantzker (Fury)

Getting Ho: The Art of Flying

Tips and hands-on instruction for players to learn how to layout: expand your range on O and D, and learn to practice good form and make good choices to keep yourself and your opponents safe!


Manisha “Slap” Daryani (Fury)
Abby VanMuijen (Zeitgeist)

Shut It Down: Tips for a Killer Mark
If you can get the thrower to focus on you instead of their cutters, you’ve done your job as a marker. Players will learn footwork, arm control, body placement, and several different techniques for shutting down the break side.
Shmi Narayan (Fury)
Heather Waugh (Zeitgeist)

Getting Vert: The Art of Skying

Being good in the air is something that enhances every player’s game–both on O and D. This session will focus on developing good footwork technique, timing your jump for the disc, and finding the peak of your jump.
Yvette “Powski” Fisher (Slackjaw)
Yelena Gorlin (Fury)

Wide Open: Be That Girl Downfield
We’ll go over cutting basics, technique and body mechanics of different types of cuts, and tricks to use to get open on someone one-on-one.
Ashley Black (Zeitgeist)
Mimi Olsen (Slackjaw)

Emma Dobbins (Zeitgeist)


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